Free Gift Cards With The Clover POS

Free Gift Cards  Clover POS / Poynt P3303

When your Clover POS / or Poynt P3303  arrives it comes with 100 custom gift cards for your location. A picture of your store or your logo – you pick whatever you want. There is no cost to set up your free cards. There is no costs for the app that you can easily install on your Clover POS / Poynt P3303 (a smart phone )

  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Low Monthly Program Fee $17.00 per month
  • Factor4 is fully integrated with Clover® / Poynt P3303

We will beat your current processing rates and provide 100 pvc custom (plastic) gift cards at no extra costs.
Price For Cards After You Get The Free Ones

The benefits of gift cards to your business – Site For Business Owners. You already own a Clover POS. This offer is not for you. We have alternative POS machines with FREE Gift Cards. Inquire. Apply here  Back to